Základní škola CoLibri

Yağmur Sökmen

What do I do at school?

I am a member of the CoLibri community and a part of school activities. I am a volunteer.

Why CoLibri?

In the last 10 years of my life, I have carried out my studies both voluntarily and professionally in Turkey. I have observed that classical education models are not useful in the institutions where I work (camps, juvenile prisons, social service centers, non-governmental organizations etc. ). I came across CoLibri while researching alternative education models that are useful for children. I feel lucky to be here because I'm in a place where I have fun, feel valued and learning new things everyday.

Education and professional experience

I graduated at the University of Ankara as a social worker.
After graduating from university, I worked in Turkey for 6 years on protection and social cohesion with refugees who have special needs. At the same time, I also have experience in cooperation with non-governmental organizations that implement social responsibility projects.

I have carried out studies on many issues, such as the protection of children's rights, the prevention of child labor and ensuring children's participation in education.

Personal interests

I’m fond of water sports and especially exploring under the sea, seeing historical buildings, getting to know new cultures, reading, learning new things and cooking are my passions.

The stay of foreign volunteers at the CoLibri School is financed by the European Solidarity Corps, which you can learn more about here

Pobyt zahraničních dobrovolnic ve Škole CoLibri je financován Evropským sborem solidarity, o kterém se můžete více dozvědět zde