Základní škola CoLibri

Aytaj Hajiyeva

Education and professional experience

My journey into the realm of education has been shaped by a blend of academic pursuit and practical engagement. I hold a Bachelor's degree in European Studies, with a specialization in its education, culture, politics, and ethnopsychology. This academic foundation equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of educational and cultural theories and methodologies, as well as insights into the cognitive and socio-emotional development of children.

Furthermore, I have actively sought opportunities to engage with various educational initiatives aimed at promoting equitable access to quality education. Whether volunteering in underserved communities, participating in educational research projects, or advocating for educational policy reform, I am deeply committed to advancing the cause of education as a fundamental human right. I am dedicated to empowering students to become active agents of their own learning, fostering a culture of inquiry, critical thinking, and social responsibility.

What I do at school:

As a volunteer at our democratic school, my role encompasses various responsibilities aimed at fostering an environment conducive to independent learning, critical thinking, and personal growth among our students. I facilitate discussions, provide guidance when needed, and support students in their pursuits of knowledge and self-discovery. Additionally, I assist in organizing extracurricular activities, ensuring that each student has the opportunity to explore their interests and talents beyond the confines of traditional academic subjects. Overall, my objective is to empower students to take ownership of their education and develop into well-rounded individuals capable of contributing positively to society.

My personal interests:

Outside of my duties at the school, my personal interests span a diverse array of topics, reflecting my passion for lifelong learning and exploration. I am particularly drawn to literature, where I find solace in the pages of classic novels and contemporary fiction alike. Additionally, I am an avid traveler, constantly seeking new experiences and cultures to broaden my perspective on the world. In my leisure time, I enjoy engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking and photography, immersing myself in the natural beauty that surrounds us. Furthermore, I am deeply committed to social justice causes and actively engage in advocacy work to promote equality and inclusivity in our community. These interests not only enrich my own life but also inform my approach to education, as I strive to instill a sense of curiosity and empathy in the students I work with.

Why Colibri:

The notion in the name of the Free Democratic School which occupies my attention due to my politics-based degree, prompts me to be a part of creating an educational environment that empowers students to take ownership of their learning, participate in democratic decision-making, and develop as well-rounded individuals capable of critical thinking and self-motivation. I aim to eternally keep in touch with the souls of children and push them forward while being beside them at the same time to make them reach their ambitions. In this sense, being a member of CoLibri means “more than a lot” to me to be able to positively shape the perception of children.

The stay of foreign volunteers at the CoLibri School is financed by the European Solidarity Corps, which you can learn more about here

Pobyt zahraničních dobrovolnic ve Škole CoLibri je financován Evropským sborem solidarity, o kterém se můžete více dozvědět zde