Základní škola CoLibri

The democratic School CoLibri

The democratic school was established in September 2018 by a group of enthusiastic parents. We are inspired by the work of Daniel Greenberg, Peter Gray, A. S. Neill and John Holt.

The democratic school is a safe place where children are fully responsible for what they are learning and how. There is no curriculum or scheduled lessons. Children are free to play and follow their inner voice, their passions, goals and aspirations. Staff members act as facilitators, to help children achieve their goals.

The school runs on democratic principles. The school meeting makes all the decisions related to an everyday running of the school (e.g. trip suggestions, purchase of material, new school staff and children, setting rules). Each member of the school (the staff and children) has an equal vote. The meeting is voluntary, however, all are expected to abide by the decisions made at the meeting.

Rule breaking and laws are dealt with by the Judicial Committee (JC). Currently, there are two children and one adulted on the JC and are elected for two weeks. All complaints are attended to by the JC. Each side has their voices heard before the final decision is made.