Základní škola CoLibri

Nerea Enriquez Santos

What am I doing in school?

As a volunteer, I help with ideas for activities and I can prepare my own ones as well. I feel as part of the team and I’m very comfortable in there. I can express myself authentically, with my feelings, vulnerabilities, insecurities, thoughts and also with my mistakes and successes.

I’m always questioning everything, our cultures and traditions, our relationships, our way to communicate, our ways to be... So, as an educator, I also used to observe the way of work, the dynamics of the children, the environment and the school’s life in general. And the questions come to me and I’m so grateful to discuss and find the answers with the other guides and with myself, because I know that we, as people who work with children, have a big responsibility. I think that I’m trying to bring that part of me to the school: to help to open the minds to other ways of being and living.

Why CoLibri?

For the democratic values. For being an alternative to the educational system. For the learning about respect of each other. For the respect of the rhythms of the children. For the connection with nature. For the connection with the people.

I knew that it was my place because I believe in other ways to do things and I am very curious and open to learning as much as I could about this pedagogy.

I would like to take a million kilograms of knowledge with me for my future as a guide because I would like to create an alternative school as well. But it’s not only about knowledge and tools, it’s also about the people. I want to keep learning from them, create connections and keep them in my life.

My education and professional experiences.

I finished Primary Education in February of 2021 and until this moment I have made a lot of courses about gender and sexual equality, emotional intelligence, environmental courses, learning difficulties or scout education.

My professional experience is mostly in non-formal education: summer camps, scout, environmental activities and guides and workshops. I finished 2 months ago but I have been working with kids (and also with teenagers and adults) for almost 9 years of my life in this kind of education. But I had the opportunity the last year to be in an alternative school doing my university practice and there I could realize that education is my life and find some answers to the big question about what I want to do in my life.

My hobbies.

I love sports, especially if I can do it in nature: trail running, mountain bike, climbing, hiking or kayaking. I played indoor football for 7 years of my life and then I discovered Gaelic football which I really love.

I like music, especially folk music and electronic. I play the guitar, ukulele, tambourine and I love (and now I miss) to go to the “foliadas” (typical informal and common concerts) to play and sing and dance Galician music.

Another of my hobbies is writing which is helping me to let my emotions go and appreciate the smallest details of life.